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L6 Areas of Interest.jpg

What are the students of IIAD interested in?


Solo endeavour to visualise disciplines of interest for each student in the graduating batch of Communication Design at IIAD in 2022. The motivation was to try and help the faculty and decision makers to better structure the curriculum as per student needs. 

Project Details

2 weeks

Self Initiated

Work Overview

Data Collection - Analysis - Iterative Design - Typesetting. 


The CD Batch of 2022 at IIAD and Mr. Suman Bhandary for letting me toy around with the data.  


The Indian Institute of Art & Design offers an undergraduate degree in Communication Design, which is a multidisciplinary degree that aims to educate students in traditional fields such as graphic design & animation to more coming-of-age disciplines such as new media and interaction design. 

By the end of the third year, students identify their areas of interest and create work to specialise in that discipline. However, the college curriculum for the final year remains unaffected by student interest. Therefore, students often work double time to try & acquire knowledge about their preferred disciplines and be on track with college coursework. 

This data visualization aimed to leave the faculty of IIAD with a sound understanding of student needs by using the graduating batch of 2022 as the sample. 

  • The total number of onboarding projects deployed was quite low. This meant that users were skipping onboarding. 

  • There was no possibility of learning specific steps. Each user had to go through a generic onboarding project from start to end, undermining the complexity of what they'd want to build on the platform. 

  • Users were often stuck as there was no intimation about errors made during the onboarding project. This meant that after certain steps, the users would just have a completely different project than intended leading to flawed communication. 

For example, here, I named the table "Author" instead of "Authors" but there was no way of knowing where I went wrong. In complex steps, identifying why a user could not move ahead became a challenging task. 
L6 Areas of Interest.jpg
Main data visualization visual. 

Since each individual could now be identified with their areas of interest owing to the colour scheme of the data visualization, I also created data portraits for each student to keep as a memory as they moved out into the industry. 

Sadly, they never made it out of my computer. 


Furthermore, the colour scheme was used to also create a collective identity for the Batch of 2022.


Something to remember this batch by and to see what they were collectively interested in; all in a single glance. 

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