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The DIY Section

Here are some of my experiments developed using p5.js / Processing for you to try out. Follow the instructions written in blue and have fun playing around!


Computer Generated Chaos


This experiment explored whether the computer can be a part of the creative process by surrendering some amount of control to it. Here, the pixels are arranged in a 5x5 grid. The size of the pixels is computer generated whereas the thickness of the typeface is determined by the user (you). 

Instructions: Move your mouse horizontally to change the thickness of the typeface. Click & hold to freeze and release the click to unfreeze.


Variable Cubes


Saw a pattern while travelling in an auto-rickshaw and messed around on Processing to create this. 

Instructions: Move your mouse horizontally to modify cube size, vertically to modify the number of cubes and click & hold to make the cubes rotate. 


Keyboard, Keyboard


Inspired by P.Cho's Type Me Not Experiments in 2016, "Keyboard, Keyboard" is an interactive tile-based piece. All tiles are in an inactive state (randomised blinking) until you press a key on your keyboard which puts it in an active state (letterform). Made on a 5x6 grid using Processing. 

Instructions: Click inside the black window once to activate it. Then, use your keyboard and press a letter. Let go of the key to put it back to its blinking state. 


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