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Writing "Arcade" Like Him

I still remember it. I remember being on the Teams call as our typeface design mentor showed us how we could come up with our own forms using the self-made calligraphic pen. He wrote the word, "arcade".

It has been almost a year and I always end up trying to write "arcade" the way he wrote it & it is such a humbling experience every single time. The sheer effortless movement of his pen and his perfect stroke beginnings and ends seemed so so simple.

The sheer difference in skill level always isolates me into a room of self-doubt. I don't know if I'll ever be good enough. I don't know if I have any kind of talent that will allow me to get there.

Am I working all for nothing? Am I trying hard only to realise, after 40 years, that I just never had it? The questions are what drive me to fill up notebooks after notebooks; to try and emulate what has left me in absolute awe. He did it with such ease. Such effortless ease. And here I am, filling up pages after pages, not being able to replicate it for shit.

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