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Who Do I Want To Be As A UX Designer?

This was written as part of a reflection during my UED Project in 2021.

A product of the Generation - Z, I have always had technology around me. I have grown up using mobile phones and computer screens.

My constant use and interaction with technology coupled with my understandings, knowledge and observations about design and now being equipped with the 21st century super power of UI & UX Design, I have come to a realisation that maybe most of us are inside a rabbit hole creating an abundance of products for a specific section of the society solving problems that aren't of paramount importance. Essentially, we're not fully utilising the power of these technologies. I do not want to be a User Experience Designer, rather, I want to empower a larger section of the society with technology and utilise the technology to solve problems that we face at large.

I want to use my knowledge of creating interfaces that interact with a real human being along with my ability to observe and solve a given problem. But this time, a problem that is faced by a section of the society that does not have access to technology in order to solve it.

We have the resources and we have the world in a highly poor state. If a bunch of us sat down and truly used technology and our skills effectively to solve a problem faced at large, then we are putting our superpowers to good use.

Or we could just keep designing a better and more lucrative honeycomb. I personally do not want to do that.

I do not want to be another User Experience Designer but rather a Humanitarian Interface Designer.

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