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Realisations in the month of May.

In the month of May, I realised how often we place the onus of our happiness on the shoulders of other people. When I was in Delhi for 12 days, as much as I hate to admit it, I was truly happy. Being away from the people you love felt like an elongated lull, an omnipresent storm that ruined every possible happy moment that I could have and probably did experience in Bangalore.

Being away from your loved ones is tough. But their absence shouldn't hold that kind of power over your happiness. Here's the film I made for May, filled with moments I shared with the people I love.

Now, I am back in Bangalore. Back to work. Back to myself and all the perils that come with that.

This time, I believe it needn't be that bad. We hold the ability to construct little corners of happiness wherever we go and that choice is always ours to make.


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