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Patterns using "S"

Started reading "Type+Code" by Yeohyun Ahn and Viviana Cordova because of my inquisitiveness about using Processing for typography.

Used a simple function of rotation and played around with the variable. Added a mousePressed () function to redraw the sketch with an increment in certain values allowing the pattern to be formed by repeating a set element.

Used General Sans medium and the lowercase "s" for all these patterns.

There was an interesting thing done in the last pattern. I used a mouse released function to loop the current stage of the sketch to the point where the opacity becomes 100 which is why you see a mix of dark and light elements, which adds to the visual flavour.

What remains interesting is that the change of 3 variables can lead to completely different patterns using the same exact code. Fascinating. Can't wait to experiment more.

Sometimes, however, it gets hard to understand why a function is used. Often, I have to change and understand the effects of the change to understand what a certain value or function does to the sketch. Literature around Processing is definitely not for dummies which makes trying to learn the language a little intimidating.

But, well, I'm tired of reading about experiments done in the college lives of graphic designers (in particular Shiva Nallaperumal) while we sit around from project to project.

Autodidactic learning it is :)

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