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German Typography During Hitler's Reign

I've been looking into typography used to spread Hitler's propaganda.

Fig 1: Poster for the youth.

Fig 2: Poster to join Hitler's youth regime.

It is clear that the pen used is the standard calligraphic pen. However, the angle of the pen is variable. It does not stick to 45 degrees, which was an interesting realization. This is how the calligrapher is able to get consistency in stroke weight regardless of the direction (for example, "h" in Fig 2).

What is also interesting is the treatment of certain letters and the modification to the tradition of the Latin script to suit the overall form. If one looks into the "t" in Fig 2, the crossbar has been placed well below the x-height of certain characters. also, the "i" seems thicker and bigger in form when compared to the "e" and "r". These lead me to believe that the analogue practice of lettering informs the outcome in an organic way which is always customizable to the subject matter. And this is why everything feels better.

Been trying to replicate the forms and understand the characteristics of the forms. It was tough to get used to the changing of pen angle. For example, the stem of the "n" has a 0-degree edge whereas the stroke leading to the shoulder has a 45-degree angle. This gives even width strokes to the stem and shoulder.

I used the understanding of these characters to try and write "gen". I really like the shortened descender of the lowercase "g". It's hard to get it right though. Been failing to end strokes correctly, spacing issues and just not being able to pull the strokes efficiently. Need a lot more practice.

Tried to replicate the Jugend Hitler poster. They're such beautifully designed posters. The skill required to set the letters is highly commendable. I also really enjoyed the stylization of certain letters such as the "h". "j" and "h". The ligature is also quite visually pleasing.

There is a massive skill gap. Massive. I can't even draw a straight line confidently. I mean I have confidence but the hand does not move as efficiently as I'd like it to and usually almost ends up quivering. Need a lot of practice.

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