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Hello, I'm Arjun and this is my story.


I joined the Indian Institute of Art & Design back in 2018 wanting to become a graphic designer. However, a year later, I was exposed to the role of technology in peoples' lives (by Mr. Shyam Attreya) and fell in love with human-computer interaction & digital product design. It became a point of no return for me. 


As far as I can remember, I have always been a creature of reason. I enjoy that decision-making in this particular discipline of design stems from logic and data gathered from the people who will eventually use what we create. A quote by Don Norman deeply resonates with me – “it is the duty of machines and those who design them to understand people" and I wish to, someday, be at the forefront of designing more humane computational systems for the people of this world. 


I've worked as a problem solver for digital products in varying capacities. In the summer of 2021, I worked with Canonic to revamp their onboarding experience which led to a 22% increase in the onboarding completion rate. Prior to that, I worked at a multidisciplinary design studio and completed more than 20 freelance projects during my 4 years of college.  

For my undergraduate thesis, I worked with the Science Gallery Bengaluru as part of their Xperimenters programme and developed In Between Life & Death – a game that explored human needs and was exhibited during the PSYCHE exhibition season in 2022. Currently, I work with TinkerLabs as a Design Researcher and, in my spare time, mess around with computation on @arjunsarchive).  

Like my story? I'd love to hear yours. Say hi.

Probably thinking of whacky ideas for @arjunsarchive right now. 
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